Hair Colour Chemistry Bombshell Brown Mask 200ml


These semi-permanent colour coordinated masques will infuse and revitalize dull or new hair colour while at the same time protect, improve shine and prevents colour fading due to the natural environmental effects, UV rays, and rigors of styling.

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With dual performance formulas, this line will:

      • Deposit colour deep into the hair cuticle for visible long lasting results
      • Protects the vibrancy and longevity of colour treated hair.
      • Smooth cuticles and add luxurious shine.
      • Prevents premature fading.
      • Keratin and Argan oil add strength and softness.
      • Revitalize and intensify hair colour with pure pigments.
      • Protects against natural oxidation.
      • Organically derived moisturisers nourish and hydrate.
      • For use at Salon or at home.
    • Use: Between and/or after any colouring services, to add moisture, restore tone and intensify shine.Do treatment at home or salon every week for best results.
      Alternate use with the regular shampoo and conditioner routine.
      E.g. Use Colour Chemistry routine, then next time use Evolution Moisturizing or Balancing routine.